Recently, I started learning Kubernetes (K8s) following the book Kubernetes Up and Running. I felt, it will take 2–3hrs to go through each chapter in detail, so, I have captured the important points chapter wise. Today we will discuss about Chapter 1 .


Kubernetes is an open source orchestrator…

Recently, I worked on upgrading postgres database server from 9.6 to 12. I faced lot of challenges while performing this upgrade, especially storage running out of space, encoding issues, initialisation user was not matching and best practices.

I spent a lot of time overcoming the challenges and make the upgrade…

Recently, I was facing issue with Node.jschild_process.exec which return exit code null. Here are some insights and how I solved it.

We use to run python/psql scripts from our node.js application using child_process.exec(command[, options][, callback]). These executions use to run successfully for small files (lesser LOC and logs).

I faced…

I was facing internet issues when I was building docker images (especially installing npm/python packages from internet inside docker image), also, when docker container tried connecting to outside world(internet). Here is my experience on how I solved this.

I am using centos8 box with vagrant (2.2.9) and Oracle Virtual box(6.1.10)…


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